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Gerbil Cage Setup


To many people, the term cage means different things. However, most of them think that a cage is a tiny enclosure where tiny animals can live or a wired enclosure with a few levels to provide some space for the animal on the inside. Such a cage would just mean a home for hamsters. Different pets prefer different cages. For gerbils, the type of cags that they prefer are very different from those of hamster.

The difference in the types of cages that hamsters and gerbils live is because animals live hamster like living alone and their main activities are sleeping and eating while gerbils do not live alone. They must be 2 or more in a cage. On the other hand gerbils like chewing and digging. Therefore, the bedding for hamster will only be a thin layer but that of bedding for gerbils will have to be tones of blankets that can allow the animal to dig. This helps to recreate the natural environment that the gerbil lives in hence facilitating their underground lifestyle like that of the natural environment.

You will also realize that bedding for hamster might not have been touched since you last cleaned it but that of gerbil will always be a mess. They kick everything in the tank all over and destroy what they can as they wreck the joints within no time. This means that the nature of the cage that a gerbil lives in must be properly designed to give them a life that they can enjoy. To win their heart and mind, you need to provide them with the best gerbil cage that you can get.

Gerbil Cage Setup

A Gerbilarium

Keeping your gerbil pet happy will need you to look for something unique. If the word cage has a different meaning to you, then a gerbilarium can make you achieve the meaning that you want. It makes it easy to bond with your pet gerbil and is locally available in many pet stores hence you do not have to worry about where to get it. This kind of cage is at least 6 inches deep. Above the ground level is another layer of wires with slopes and shelves where the wheels and the water bottles will be safe. Putting such things in the wired layer helps prevent them from being burrowed in the mountains of the beddings that the pet keeps on making.

Always, you should look for the type of gerbilarium whose top is easy to open. It facilitates your interaction with the pet and allows you to know your pet better. For a smaller set up of a gerbilarium, you can easily be able to open the small side door and interact easily with your gerbil. It also becomes easy to train the gerbil to run to you when you when you open the door and call its name. Once you realize that the gerbil is no longer scared of you and is happy to be picked up, you can then move them to a larger space where they will be having plenty of space to play and you will still be able to interact with them. Also, there exists diverse types of gerbilarium. There are those made from glass or plastics but it depends on the one that you want.

Homemade Gerbil Cages

You can always make a cage of your own for your gerbil but you have to consider their needs before making one. You can choose the base that you want and add a topper for maximum efficiency. The topper can be any type of a cage, you just have to look for one from the online stores. The essence of the topper is to keep away the wheels, water bottles and litter boxes from being messed and mixed together or even buried by the highly active gerbil. It is advisable to avoid tubes all together especially when on the outside. However, you can use them as the way to the topper or inside the beddings if this is the only way.


The best gerbil cage is the one that provides lots of activities and enrichment. Having one that lies on top of a dep tank lined with the thick substrate is the best. With several tubes and tunnels that do not injure or get your gerbil trapped, you can always keep your animal busy and happy. Just make sure that you have a topper where you can place things like wheels and water bottles to avoid them being kicked around or even being buried.